Terms & Conditions

  • Any exposure to water / rain may result in stain marks on the upper and insole leather.
  • Constant wearing of your footwear may cause the leather to expand and lose its natural shape. However this will also result in increased comfort as the leather becomes softer.
  • The natural gravity of your feet may depress the leather insole resulting in a "sunken in" effect. This is natural of leather as it adheres to the soles of your feet.
  • Unique markings / scratches on the leather are nature's signature and are the hallmarks of genuine leather.

Under the above conditions, your footwear cannot be replaced / exchanged or repaired due to the nature of the material(s) used in the manufacture of the product.

This applies even within the warranty period as the expansion of leather, stain marks, "sink in" effect, scratches, natural and unique marks on the upper and insole leather are not defects but are natural wear and tear of a natural product.


Should you believe the product you have purchased contains a manufacturing defect, kindly email a request to info@ortenhill.com with

  • Proof of purchase receipt within 1 month
  • Photograph(s) of defects

Kindly allow the team 30 days from the date your request for assessment and processing.

Do note that your request does not automatically warrant an exchange or repair, and only upon confirmation of the defect by the manufacturer will the exchange or repair be deemed accepted.


The Company will, at its sole discretion, decide if the product will be repaired or exchanged within the warranty period. And this is strictly in adherence with evidence of proof of purchase receipt.

Upon expiry of the warranty period, should the circumstance require any third party vendor to repair the product, the cost shall be made known, and borne by the consumer.


An exchange will be allowed within the warranty period only when repair to the product cannot be carried out.

In the event the Company does not have the exact product to be replaced in its inventory, the Company reserves the right to replace it with a different color / style of a similar value or lower value.

Should the customer choose to exchange to a product of higher value, the customer is required to top up (to the current retail price) the difference in cash. No promotional vouchers / discount are to be used to offset such exchanges.

Online Purchase

No refunds will be entertained except for manufacturing defects. All refunds are exercised at the discretion of the Company.