GREY is more than just footwear. It represents a personal statement, an individual choice, and most importantly a platform for each person’s unique expression. Everyone has their own special inner quirk. And that is what we are about – giving each person a platform for their own individual expression and projecting their own a unique style. "I do not have to be black or white, formal or casual. I can walk two equally deductive grounds, and be whatever, whenever I please." We love juxtaposing between boundaries and categories. That is what we are, and that is what we promise its wearers, because life is truly anything but grey.

grey is simply quirky

GREY represents all things vibrant, quirky, versatile and inclusive. And yet grey also eschews simple. It is simplicity masking an explosion of colors and life, and everyone’s invited.

grey is functional

Comfortable and versatile with a burst of colors, grey embraces simplicity in design. Limited only by the wearer’s own self-expression, it complements any look and mood, any time of day.

GREY’s collection of footwear blurs the fine line between comfort and style. All at once, grey is a functional footwear and fashion expression rolled into one. Each pair of grey is contoured to fit perfectly and comfortably, leaving the individual the freedom to express themselves.

What grey believes

We believe every person has their own unique personality, and we celebrate those differences and quirks by giving everybody a chance to express their true colors and their inner being. Even though every day may seem the same, we can still find quirkiness in the everyday.

 Our grey manifesto

Allow the expression of quirky inner style and unique fashion sensibility through the comfortable footwear.

Who wears grey

GREY is sought after by the young-at-heart, old souls, rope-skippers, pillow fighters, bathroom singers, closet rock-stars, and anybody who believes in themselves. They find the unconventional in their conventional lifestyles. They are individuals in their minds, and approach style and fashion from their own unique perspective through their self-confidence and flair. They seek a space for difference without being outstanding, and embrace this difference by merging it into their styles. They are confident, innovative, and refuse to be classified into one single style. They can be you, me, and anybody.

About Ortenhill

Founded in 2011, Ortenhill was intercepted to solve the world’s problem of faddish fashion and cookie cutter designs. Inspired by the belief that fashion cannot be dictated by magazines, monopolies and over made-up and underfed models, Ortenhill offer individuals leather goods and accessories that are unique to their tastes, and yet wearable any day and at any occasion.

With a network of craftsmen and manufacturers that have vast experience in unique and quality leather creations, Ortenhill brings the best designs to the fashion-aware, and also to those who believe fashion is personal. Whether its footwear or accessories, Ortenhill strives to offer leather creations of the highest quality and standards, while maintaining the wearable comfort that is the hallmark of the company’s products