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Morgan / Monty - Moonbow

Morgan / Monty - Moonbow

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The enchanting sights seen from a plane amidst the darkness of the night sky inspired our new leather collection. The Moon Bow leather, with its delicate curves and subtle hues, reflects the graceful arc of a lunar rainbow, capturing the enchanting beauty of light refracted through celestial particles.

Check out other prints from the Space Collection. Each piece in the collection carries the essence of a different facet of space.

Grey By Ortenhill Unisex Leather Space Collection Sandals.

Popular, Neutral & Trendy, High quality and Unique.

Material: Genuine Cow Hide, Sheep Lining, Buffalo Skin , Durable Rubber Outsole.   



Grey Eur 39.5S  = Female 40 or US9 / Male US7

Grey Eur 39.5M  = Female 41 or US9.5 / Male US7.5

Grey Eur 40  = Female 42 / Male US8


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